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Platinum Credit Card

Whether you’re buying everyday necessities or spending on an overseas vacation, shop more conveniently than ever with your NBF Islamic Platinum Credit Card. Enjoy competitive profit rates, flexible installment options and acceptance at over 20 million establishments worldwide.

Product Features

  • Easy Payment Plans

    Convert any single retail transaction above AED 500 into equal monthly instalments*. Enjoy lower profit rates and the flexible payment period of your choice (between three to 24 months).

  • EZ draft facility

    Access additional funds for those unexpected expenses. We’ll transfer up to 70% of your credit limit into your account.

  • Balance transfer facility

    Enjoy the savings and convenience of having all your card payments consolidated in one account. NBF’s Balance Transfer Facility allows you to pay off the balances you owe other banks at highly competitive rates. Even better, you can convert your transfer amount into an instalment plan of your choice for up to 24 months.

  • ATM withdrawals

    Get instant cash from over 840,000 ATMs globally. Withdraw cash amounting to up to 40% of your credit limit.

  • Free supplementary cards

    Get free supplementary cards for your family members, so they enjoy all the same benefits you do.

  • Mobile banking & SMS alerts

    Access free online banking services and receive SMS alerts every time a transaction is made.

  • Convenience and flexibility of payments

    Make your credit card payment through any of these channels:
    - NBF cash deposit machines
    - NBF Direct online banking
    - Auto debit

  • Robust security

    Anti-card fraud Chip and PIN technology verifies your transactions using a four-digit PIN code instead of your signature, giving you greater protection for your funds and banking activities.

  • Pay in seconds

    Make secure payments for your everyday items in seconds with Visa contactless technology. Tap or wave your card at payment terminals where you see the Visa payWave symbol and reduce your need to carry cash.

Privileges & Rewards

  • Be rewarded with cashback

    For every dirham you spend on any retail transaction using your NBF Platinum Islamic Credit Card, you earn up to 2% cashback. There’s no minimum spend and no limit to the amount of cashback you can earn. Just call 8008NBF(623) to redeem it.

    Spending range (AED)

    Cash back reward

     0 to 9,999




     Above 20,000


  • You can also avail

    So many worldwide Visa dining, travel and entertainment offers are waiting for you. Visit to find out more.

Required Documents

You can apply for an NBF Islamic Platinum Credit Card if you are over 21 years of age, earning a salary or are self-employed and residing in any of the emirates within the UAE.

When you apply for an NBF Islamic Platinum Credit Card, you need to bring us:

  • A copy of your valid passport
  • A copy of your valid residency visa (for expatriates)
  • A copy of your current dated salary certificate (less than 30 days old)
  • Bank statements from the past three months
  • A copy of your Emirates Identity card
  • Proof of any additional income
  • Your tenancy contract and a utility bill as proof of address

If you would like your salary transferred to your NBF Islamic account, you will need to complete an account opening application form.


What is NBF’s EZ Draft?

With NBF Islamic’s EZ Draft, the available limit on your Islamic credit card can be transferred to you by way of a cheque, draft or account transfer. You could also use it to make a payment to a retail merchant who doesn’t accept payments by credit card (or charges additional fees for payments made by credit card).

What percentage of my credit card limit can I request as an EZ Draft?

You can ask for up to 70% of your Islamic credit card limit to be transferred to your NBF account or by way of Demand Draft in the beneficiary’s name.

How do I use the EZ draft facility?

Call us on 8008NBF(623) and ask for a request form or download it from our website. 
Enter your details on the request form, attach the required documents and submit it to any of our branches.

Can I foreclose the balance transfer payments and if so, will there I be charged?

Yes, you can foreclose your payment instalments. A foreclosure fee of AED 50 per Easy Payment Plan will apply. We’ll charge you a daily maximum of AED 200 if you close more than four plans on a particular day.

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