What is NBF Islamic’s Easy Payment Plan?

NBF Islamic’s Easy Payment Plan is a system that lets you pay off an item you have purchased in fixed amounts at specified intervals. In other words, it allows you to “buy now and pay later”. When you use your NBF Islamic credit card, you can choose to convert the transaction into fixed monthly instalments which you will pay for a certain number of months.

Which transactions can I make using the Easy Payment Plan?

You can choose to convert any retail purchases made using your NBF Islamic credit card into instalments on our Easy Payment Plan.

How does the 0% for three months Easy Payment Plan work and how can I use it?

Our 0% Easy Payment Plan is a payment feature of your NBF Islamic Credit Card and can be used at any merchant outlet. You may choose to pay for your purchases in instalments over three months at zero profit. Simply call 8008NBF(623) within 45 days of making your purchase to take advantage of the Easy Payment Plan.

Do I have a choice regarding the instalment amounts?

Yes. Your purchase transaction will be converted into pre-determined monthly instalments based on your request when you call 8008NBF(623).

Can I choose to pay the pending instalments at once in advance?

Yes, you can choose to pay the amount remaining on your NBF Easy Payment Plan in advance. You will however need to pay the prevailing foreclosure fee.

Will I be charged if I later decide to pay my remaining instalments in a lump sum?

You can foreclose your remaining transactions. A foreclosure fee of AED 50 per plan will apply. We’ll charge you a maximum daily charge of AED 200 if you close more than four Easy Payment Plans on a particular day.

How will I know that my purchase transaction has been converted into an Easy Payment Plan?

You can either call our 24-hour Call Centre at 8008NBF(623) or you can check your monthly bank statement.

Can I make multiple Easy Payment Plan transactions on my NBF Islamic credit card?

Yes, you can make multiple Easy Payment Plan transactions, provided that the transactions fall within the available credit limit of your credit card.

Can I opt for the 0% Easy Payment Plan throughout the year at any retail merchant?

Yes, for a minimum transaction amount of AED 500.

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