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Classic Debit Card

When you open an NBF Islamic Current Account, you receive a debit card that lets you shop conveniently. Your transactions are secure thanks to Chip and PIN technology, and with a host of other benefits like free ATM withdrawals, it’ll make your daily spending easy.

Product Features

  • Free ATM withdrawals

    Withdraw cash and check your balance at all ATMs in the UAE (including other banks’ ATMs) free of charge.

  • Get cash easily

    Withdraw cash from 1.8 million ATMs in the UAE and worldwide.

  • Free SMS alerts

    Keep track of your spending; we’ll send you an SMS whenever a transaction is made on your debit card.

  • Free supplementary cards

    You get one free supplementary card for your family members so they can enjoy all the same benefits you do.

  • Robust security

    Anti-card fraud Chip and PIN technology verifies your transactions using a four-digit PIN code instead of your signature, giving you greater protection for your funds and banking activities.

  • Use it all over the world

    Fulfil all your shopping, dining, travel and entertainment needs with a debit card that is accepted by over 24 million Visa-approved retailers across the UAE and the world.

  • Monitor your spending

    All NBF Islamic Debit Card transactions appear on your account statements for easy monitoring of your finances.

  • You can also avail

    So many worldwide Visa dining, travel and entertainment offers are waiting for you. Visit visacemea.com to find out more.