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Infinite Credit Card

Experience the finer things in life, including round-the-clock concierge service, airport lounge access, as well as incredible deals on hospitality, fine dining and leisure. With the NBF Islamic Visa Infinite Credit Card, you also enjoy up to 3% cashback on all retail purchases.

Product Features

  • Cashback rewards

    For every dirham you spend on your NBF Islamic Visa Infinite Credit Card, you earn up to 3% cashback. Cashback can be redeemed by simply calling 8008NBF(623).

    - Any retail transaction will earn you cashback
    - You can earn unlimited cashback
    - No minimum spend required

    0 to 9,999 1% 2%
    10,000 to 19,999 1.5% 2.5%
    Above 20,000 2% 3%
  • Airport lounge access

    As an NBF Islamic Visa Infinite credit cardholder, you are eligible to receive unlimited airport lounge access for you and a guest through LoungeKey. There is no need to register prior to visiting the lounge; simply present your Visa Infinite card to the lounge staff to process your visit.

    To view the lounges in the program, and to sign up for the mobile app, visit www.loungekey.com/visainfinitemena. There are over 650 lounges globally to choose from.

    If you have any complaints relating to any Lounge access, please download and fill-out the Visa Loungekey Lounge Visit Complaint and Dispute Form.

  • 24/7 concierge

    Offering you a host of services all day, every day, the Visa Infinite Concierge makes the impossible, possible: tickets to a concert, a hundred roses at midnight, a reservation at a top-tier restaurant, travel arrangements and more. Nothing is too troublesome.
    - Toll-free: 800 0441 3487
    - International direct dialling: +971 4 361 1234
    Alternatively, you can send an email to concierge@visainfinite-mea.com

  • 0% instalment plan

    Convert your transactions into manageable monthly payments and enjoy profit rates as low as 0% and flexible repayment options starting from three months.

  • Balance transfer facility

    Transfer your outstanding credit card balance from any card to NBF and enjoy special promotional profit rates and repayment period options from three to 24 months.

  • EZ draft facility

    Get access to additional funds to meet unexpected expenses and get up to 70% of your credit limit transferred into your account. Flexible repayment options start from three months.

  • Supplementary card

    Give your family members NBF Islamic supplementary credit cards and let them enjoy all the benefits of our exclusive rewards programme. You can have up to two credit cards issued to family members who are over 15 years of age.

  • Multi-trip travel insurance

    Book travel tickets using your NBF Islamic Visa Infinite Credit Card and receive free comprehensive domestic and international travel insurance for you and your immediate family for up to 90 days**. Learn more.

  • Visa PayWave security

    Enjoy enhanced security and the convenience of a ‘tap to pay’ feature to speed up payment on small purchases.

  • Extended warranty

    Use your NBF Islamic Visa Infinite Credit Card to pay for your purchases and receive double the warranty on every item. Learn more.

  • Global customer assistance*

    If you ever lose your NBF Islamic Visa Infinite Credit Card no matter where you are in the world, Visa’s Global Customer Assistance Services will help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    To contact Visa Global Customer Assistance, dial the following numbers: UAE: 8000-021 then 866-654-0112 or via collect to +1 303 967 1090 (call charges may apply).

  • A world of endless possibilities

    Enjoy all these exclusive rewards plus a whole host of other exciting benefits like substantial leisure, hospitality and dining discounts when you explore the endless possibilities with your NBF Islamic Visa Infinite Credit Card.

  • Global acceptability

    Shop whenever and wherever you want with an NBF Islamic Visa Infinite Credit Card:
    - Withdraw instant cash at over 840,000 ATMs worldwide
    - Withdraw cash over the counter at any NBF branch
    - Worldwide card acceptance at over 28 million establishments

  • Cash advance facility

    You can withdraw up to 40% of your available credit limit at any ATM across the globe that accepts Visa. Cash can also be withdrawn over the counter at other banks worldwide.

  • Foreign transactions

    When you use your NBF Islamic credit card abroad, the transaction amount is converted from the transaction currency to US Dollars, based on the prevailing international exchange rate on that date. In order to assist our cardholders, all transactions are converted back to AED for payment.

  • Direct debit facility

    Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of making minimum or full payments as specified on your monthly statements via your NBF account.

  • Mobile banking/SMS alert services

    To make banking with NBF an even safer experience and to keep you up-to-date with your finances, you will receive free SMS alerts for:
    - All your NBF credit card transactions
    - Your payment due date reminders
    - Any payments made towards servicing your credit card
    - Any card statements issued

    *Fees apply for card blocking, card replacement and emergency cash withdrawal.

    ** Comprehensive travel insurance is provided automatically when you use your NBF Islamic Visa Infinite Credit Card to purchase your flight tickets and is applicable for the first 90 days of your trip.

Rates & Charges

NBF Islamic Visa Infinite Credit Card

2.49% per month

Cash advance fee

4% of advanced amount or AED 50 (whichever is higher)

Foreign currency transaction fee


Cash withdrawal limit

40% of card limit

Required Documents

You can apply for an NBF Islamic Visa Infinite Credit Card if you are over 21 years of age, earning a salary and residing in any of the emirates within the UAE.

You will also need to be the holder of an NBF Islamic Current Account and have your salary transferred to NBF. Alternatively, you can have an NBF Islamic Deposit (terms and conditions apply).

Your application for an NBF Islamic Visa Infinite Credit Card needs to be accompanied by the following documents:

  • A copy of your valid passport
  • A copy of your valid residency visa (for expatriates)
  • A certified copy of your valid Emirates ID
  • Signed credit card application form (along with AECB etc.)
  • Repayment cheque for 120% of the approved credit limit
  • A copy of your current dated salary certificate (less than 30 days old)


What is NBF Islamic’s Easy Payment Plan?

NBF Islamic’s Easy Payment Plan is a system that lets you pay off an item you have purchased in fixed amounts at specified intervals. In other words, it allows you to “buy now and pay later”. When you use your NBF Islamic credit card, you can choose to convert the transaction into fixed monthly instalments which you will pay for a certain number of months.

Which transactions can I make using the Easy Payment Plan?

You can choose to convert any retail purchases made using your NBF Islamic credit card into instalments on our Easy Payment Plan.

How does the 0% for three months Easy Payment Plan work and how can I use it?

Our 0% Easy Payment Plan is a payment feature of your NBF Islamic Credit Card and can be used at any merchant outlet. You may choose to pay for your purchases in instalments over three months at zero profit. Simply call 8008NBF(623) within 45 days of making your purchase to take advantage of the Easy Payment Plan.

Do I have a choice regarding the instalment amounts?

Yes. Your purchase transaction will be converted into pre-determined monthly instalments based on your request when you call 8008NBF(623).

Can I choose to pay the pending instalments at once in advance?

Yes, you can choose to pay the amount remaining on your NBF Easy Payment Plan in advance. You will however need to pay the prevailing foreclosure fee.

Will I be charged if I later decide to pay my remaining instalments in a lump sum?

You can foreclose your remaining transactions. A foreclosure fee of AED 50 per plan will apply. We’ll charge you a maximum daily charge of AED 200 if you close more than four Easy Payment Plans on a particular day.

How will I know that my purchase transaction has been converted into an Easy Payment Plan?

You can either call our 24-hour Call Centre at 8008NBF(623) or you can check your monthly bank statement.

Can I make multiple Easy Payment Plan transactions on my NBF Islamic credit card?

Yes, you can make multiple Easy Payment Plan transactions, provided that the transactions fall within the available credit limit of your credit card.

Can I opt for the 0% Easy Payment Plan throughout the year at any retail merchant?

Yes, for a minimum transaction amount of AED 500.

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