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Make the most of every trade opportunity, knowing you have the support of a trusted Islamic trading partner. We can organise trade guarantees to put your customers’ minds at ease and make sure your business gets recognition as a reliable trade partner.

We Provide

  • Payment Guarantees

    Be recognised as a reliable trade partner. We’ll provide you with Payment Guarantees that assure your customers you’ll meet your contractual payment obligations.

  • Performance Guarantees

    We can issue Performance Guarantees to meet the requirements of your contractual terms and conditions.

  • Advance Payment Guarantees

    Put your customers’ minds at ease with protection for any advance payments under your contractual terms and conditions.

  • Bid Bond or Tender Guarantees

    We can issue Bid Bonds or Tender Guarantees quickly and efficiently, giving you the power to complete an urgent bid or tender for a trade contract.

  • Counter Guarantees

    We have a global network of partner banks. So wherever in the world you trade, we can issue a Counter Guarantee to your import or export partner’s local bank.

  • Labour Guarantees

    Our Labour Guarantees enable you to meet Ministry of Labour obligations when you bring new employees into your company.