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Term Financing

NBF Islamic Term Financing can help your company purchase assets like property or equipment, fund its construction projects or goods or simply get the cash flow it needs to operate from month to month. We’ll agree to a fair payment tenor and profit rate in accordance with the principles of Shari'a law.

Ijara Financing

Ijara Financing

Ijara is a lease-to-own Shari'a finance contract. NBF Islamic leases the asset, ranging from equipment to real estate, to your business, in return for a rental payment over an agreed financing period

Murabaha Financing

Murabaha Financing NBF Islamic

We’ll finance the goods or working capital your business needs by way of Murabaha agreement

Istisna Forward Ijara

Istisna Forward Ijarah Islamic NBF

Istisna Forward Ijara Financing is Shariah compliant construction finance. We’ll finance your made-to-order assets before they’re even constructed

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