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Corporate Murabaha Deposit

When your company is growing from strength to strength, you want to know that your hard-earned funds are generating even greater returns for your business. With an NBF Islamic Corporate Murabaha Deposit account, you can be assured that your funds are growing for the future, in a way that agrees with Islamic principles.

With an NBF Islamic Corporate Murabaha Deposit account, your business can bank in a number of major currencies. We offer you flexible tenures  and favourable profit rates.

We Provide

  • Multiple currencies (AED/Euro/USD/GBP)
  • Flexible tenures ranging from one to 12 months
  • Favourable profit rates

Account features

Minimum account opening amount

AED 1,000,000

Maximum limit

No maximum limit



Placement period

1 – 12 months

Profit rate

Actual profit rate shared upfront

Profit credit

Profit credited upon maturity

Required documents

To open an NBF Islamic Corporate Murabaha deposit for your business, you need to have an NBF current account. For more information on how to create a deposit, please contact your relationship manager.

Don’t have a business current account? Get more information here .

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