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Real Estate Ijara

A practical, Shari'a compliant lease-to-own property agreement

If your company needs to acquire real estate assets, why spend more of your capital than you need to?

Ijara is an effective and practical financing tool allowing businesses like yours to acquire capital assets through a lease, instead of outright purchase, thus reducing the heavy burden of capital expenditure from your cash flow.

NBF Islamic brings you Real Estate Ijara, a Shari'a compliant agreement by which we can buy an asset property (a commercial building or complex of villas, for example) and lease it to you. You will pay rentals to NBF Islamic against the use of the asset. At the end of our agreed lease period, your company becomes the owner of the asset by purchasing it from NBF Islamic at an agreed sale price.

How Real Estate Ijara works?

After agreeing to commercial terms, you give us the details of the asset/s to be purchased together with your promise to take it/them on lease from NBF Islamic.

We’ll purchase the assets specified in your promise and then lease it to your business. We structure the agreement so that at the end of the lease period, we’ll recover the purchasing cost and our profit, and the ownership of the property will be transferred to your business for a nominal sale price, as a gift by a separate sale or a gift contract at the end of the lease period.

Contact us to find out more about obtaining Real Estate Ijara for your business today.

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