NBF Direct - Business

NBF Direct is a real-time, online service that allows you to centrally manage all of your company's day-to-day banking needs - and more.

Regarded as one of the most user-intuitive online banking platforms in the market, NBF was shortlisted at the 2015 CIO 100 Awards, a renowned platform recognising IT excellence in pursuit of business, further testament to NBF Direct's ability to simplify your daily banking needs or to empower your business.

Product Features

  • A user-friendly dashboard interface
  • Balances and transactions information
  • Payment applications
  • Receivables management tools
  • Trade services tools


  • Optimise your financial returns
  • Increase the efficiency of internal processes
  • Balance efficiency and control
  • Become more operationally efficient
  • Choose to log on to NBF Direct via internet or through your internal payable system by sending NBF formatted files across a fully encrypted VPN connection

Security Features

  • NBF maintains a secure data centre with a multi-tier firewall and follows secure communication protocol
  • Receive credentials for secure login and authentication
  • Follow transaction authorisation matrix
  • Robust infrastructure security


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