Who We Are NBF Islamic

Modern banking inspired by traditional values.

You lead a modern lifestyle, but you live by age-old traditions. At NBF Islamic, our clients trust us to bring them the benefits and convenience of modern banking practices that they know are grounded in time-honoured Islamic values. As a progressive bank, we’re forward thinking, but our integrity comes first. At NBF, we’ve built our reputation on this. We’re committed to offering our clients exceptional service and tailor-made products that suit their needs.

We’re firmly rooted in the cultural heritage of the United Arab Emirates and we’re committed to its progress. We’re privileged to partner with you in your success. We do this by bringing you a diverse range of Shari'a-compliant solutions specially designed to align with your values and meet your requirements.

Upholding the principles of Islamic law
Islamic banking strictly abides by Shari'a law - or more specifically, Islamic jurisprudence, which is based on the Quran, Sunnah (traditions) and Ijtihad (personal reasoning).

At NBF Islamic, we’re committed to upholding the principles of Islamic law and operating with integrity. Our Internal Shari’a Supervision Committee, comprising four of the world’s preeminent scholars, makes sure that all our products and services are not only consistent with Islamic jurisprudence, but respectful of your values.

We fulfill the requirements of Islamic banking by entering into various contracts with you, our customer. See our Shari'a glossary for examples of these contracts

You can also download the Fatwas issued by our world renowned Internal Shari’a Supervision Committee. These fatwas are issued after comprehensive scrutiny of product features and processes and endorse the Shari'a compliance of our Islamic banking products and services.

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