Nobody knows your accounts better than you. That's why regular monitoring of the activity in your account(s) is one of the best ways to help protect yourself against fraud.

  • Review your account information regularly - Log in to your NBF Direct Internet Banking account at least once a week and review your account information. If you notice any changes to your account that were not initiated by you, contact us immediately at 8008NBF(623).
  • Reassess who has account access - Regularly review the users who have access to your account to ensure that the authorised users are current. This is especially important for corporate banking accounts.
  • Look over your transactions - Review your bank and credit card unbilled transactions regularly to make sure these only reflect transactions you have made. If you spot a problem, call us immediately at 8008NBF(623).
  • Set up Account Alerts - Get alerts delivered to your cell phone or email address so you can stay updated on all account activity.