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Multi-asset fund portfolios

Benefits of diversification

Multi-asset fund portfolios consist of a combination of asset classes such as cash, equities and bonds. By investing across multiple, uncorrelated asset classes, investors can reap the benefits of diversification. This is particularly useful in times of market uncertainty.

Here are some of the key reasons you might consider investing in multi-asset fund of fund portfolios and plans:

  • Diversification across assets, geographies and best-in-class fund managers.
  • Ease of use - portfolios are constructed objectively using an independent financial advisory firm Morningstar.
  • Professional best-in-class management, with dynamically calibrated strategic asset allocation. 
  • Funds are invested into Shari’a-compliant investments/businesses/activities.
  • NBF Islamic portfolios and plans are managed dynamically and rebalanced periodically to adapt to changing economic and market conditions.
  • Exposure to a large choice of regions and sectors in one simple solution. 
  • Reduces many of the behavioral biases that investors experience during periods of market shocks and uncertainty. As the old adage says, time in the market beats timing the market.