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Investment Philosophy

Our portfolio management approach

We give you unbiased, independent investment solutions that give you access to leading international Shari’a fund managers.

Independence is a key factor in the successful application of our approach and we are not tied to any one investment manager or company when selecting funds to build our multi-asset  international Shari’a portfolios. To ensure objectivity, we collaborate closely with Morningstar, the independent global financial services research firm.

Our core investment solution consists of five portfolios and three systematic investment plans suitable to meet your financial goals. Our portfolios and plans were created to allow clients who require investment expertise with economies of scale, greater diversification with a dynamic risk and return management process. Our solutions offer differing risk and return attributes that allow you to effectively outsource the management of your investments and wealth.

Multi-manager funds

Unlike a traditional fund in which a single fund manager controls all of the money, our multi-manager portfolios and plans not only spread your money across different asset types, but also different fund managers.

With a multi-manager portfolio, you are able to track an extensive range of investments through one portfolio. By not putting all your eggs in one basket, we help you diversify your investments and reduce your exposure to risk.

Diversification into multiple asset classes

The NBF Islamic portfolios and plans provide investors with exposure to multiple asset classes including bonds, equities and cash. The spread of assets and their weight in the portfolios is dictated by the investment and risk objectives of each of the portfolios. Our portfolios and plans are managed dynamically and rebalanced periodically in order to be aligned in today’s rapidly changing markets. 

Our partnership with Morningstar

The investment process that we follow with Morningstar- a leading provider of independent investment management research,   incorporates quantitative and qualitative screening based on a range of analytical measures linked to both risk and return. The aim is to enable the portfolios to achieve consistent returns whilst managing risk. Rest assured that your funds will be invested into Shari’a-compliant investment businesses/activities.

Our offering suits both goal-based and risk-based asset allocation investors.